dandelion herbal

dandelion salve

your go to for life's boo boos

whipped magnesium lotion

handmade magnesium lotion to help with muscle cramps, magnesium deficiency, and aid in achieving more restful sleep.

postpartum bath tea

a relaxing, healing, and soothing herbal bath blend in convenient tea bags so no mess to clean up after

The belly oil makes for a fantastic facial oil! I like to use a rose quartz roller and I did it this morning with the oil and it was so amazing! It’s not heavy at all and no scent, so even better! Oh and I use it to moisturize my hands instead of using a lotion and it’s fantastic for that as well! I haven’t received a product yet that I couldn’t rave about


The steamers and inhalers are life savers in our house! Haven't found a single thing that I didn't love as soon as I used it!


I was pleasantly surprised by the rosemary mint bath bomb! The scent wasn't obnoxious, but soft and soothing, and the bubbles were more powerful than I expected, and NOTHING about it irritated my sensitive and often dry skin. I felt refreshed and soothed and perfectly relaxed. I send all my friends to Dandelion Herbal for their skincare and bath needs now.